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The Step-by-Step Selling Process

Know What You Want

You need to know what you want in order to sell your home with minimum frustration. Why are you moving? What do you expect from the process? When, exactly, should you put that For Sale sign in the yard? We can help you get your thoughts in order.

Price Your Home

Your Realtor will do a Market Analysis of comparable homes in your area to develop a suggested list price minus deductions such as closing costs, current mortgage payoff, and Realtor fees to give you an estimated Seller’s Net Proceeds.

Prep Your Home For Sale

This may mean making necessary repairs, de-cluttering, cleaning and polishing your home to get it market ready. Before making any updates or doing remodelling, it would be best to discuss your plans with your Realtor.

Market Your Home

We will develop the best marketing plan to ensure that your listing will be seen by potential buyers. This will include Internet presence, direct mailings, signage, and open houses.

Receive Offers

When reviewing an offer, purchase price and terms of the Purchase Agreement are to be considered. Your Realtor will review any offers with you. If the offer you receive is not acceptable to you, your Realtor will assist in developing a counter offer.

Accepting An Offer

Upon accepting an offer, there will likely be a Buyer’s Home Inspection and a Lender’s Appraisal depending on the terms of the Purchase Agreement. Your agent will be there to help you effectively communicate with the Buyer.

Close The Sale

Settlement, or closing, is the last step in the home selling process. You will have to prepare your home for the Buyer’s final walk-through and troubleshoot any last-minute issues. At closing, you will sign the final paperwork, make everything official, and collect your check.

Real Estate Listings

The Buying Process

Meet with your Real Estate Professional

You will meet with your Realtor to discuss what your housing needs are and establish a time frame to purchase your home.

Meet With Mortgage Professional

This is a very important part of the buying process. By obtaining the pre-approval from the mortgage lender, it will allow you to know exactly what price range you should be searching for a home.

Searching For Your Home

Your agent will provide listings based on your parameters such as price range, zip codes, features, etc. Don’t get discouraged. There is a home out there for you. When you do find the house you are looking for, it is important to act quickly.

Make an offer

Once you find the home you want to buy, you’ll work with your Realtor to write a Purchase Agreement offering to buy the home. Making an offer can feel stressful! Your Realtor will provide real value by using their expertise to assist you throughout this process.

On Your Way

Once you have an accepted offer, your Realtor will notify your mortgage representative that you have entered into contract for a home. A home inspection will also need to be completed. Once the home inspection has been done and any inspection issues have been resolved, the mortgage representative will arrange for the home to be appraised.


Your Realtor will work with the Seller’s agent to schedule a date/time for closing, which is normally held at a title company. At closing, the necessary documents will be signed to complete the transaction for the home and the mortgage. This process usually takes approximately 1 hour.

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